How to order your HuluFISH kit

Our HuluFISH probe is fully customizable to any gene sequence you choose. Our probe design algorithm automatically creates the optimal HuluFISH probe with high binding quality. This HuluFISH Kit includes the HuluFISH probe and other required consumables to get you started right away.

STEP 1 – Choose size

We offer HuluFISH Kit in four sizes:

  • Nano Kit, good for 20 reactions (€249 per gene)

  • Mini Kit, good for 80 reactions (€499 per gene)

  • Midi Kit, good for 400 reactions (€799 per gene)

  • Maxi Kit, good for 1000 reactions (€1299 per gene)

STEP 2 – Choose number of genes and specify gene names or ID

You can choose one of the following methods to specify your target gene.

Method 1 – By the name of species and the name of gene. Example:

Method 2 – By the Ensembl gene ID or transcript ID. Example:

* NOTE: If you are not sure about your target genes or you would like to use your own sequences, please still complete the online order and we will follow up with you to confirm the exact sequences you are interested in.

Get started – choose a size


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